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Digital Printing



Quality digital print

Discount for large orders

cut foil



Accurate cutting and pasting film on windows, vehicles, advertising ...
Wall stickers and wall graphics in the colors you want.

Discount on large orders !

Serbian (Latin)English (United Kingdom)
Big prints

Print on the windows, billboards, commercials, sheets, tarps or similarly classified into a big advertisement. Their size alone is enough to be noticeable, but of course we care about the design of the advertising, which is very important in the importance that advertising should have. Here are a few things we've already done that can not see the seriousness and quality of our work, and maybe get an idea for your advertisement. If you want you can also send us a request for an offer to be able to look at the prices and it's easier to decide which type of ads you want.

23092010.jpg 375704_3093656554073_221672372_n.jpg 400403_2293776117562_532630414_n.jpg 401158_2293760317167_347881997_n.jpg 401219_2293759917157_2032126519_n (1).jpg 404280_2293760797179_1096568462_n.jpg 405544_2293800798179_1670720571_n.jpg 405883_2293763557248_1842400880_n.jpg 427771_2579920430991_1530400048_n.jpg 487826_3093656194064_919206248_n.jpg 541596_3093657274091_1463874363_n.jpg 556500_3093656954083_361111763_n.jpg 575614_3041703015267_589900080_n.jpg Fotografija0004.jpg Fotografija0006.jpg Fotografija0007.jpg Fotografija0066.jpg Fotografija0111.jpg Fotografija0132.jpg Fotografija0150.jpg Fotografija0151.jpg IMG_0270.jpg IMG_0319.JPG IMG_0553.JPG IMG_2001.JPG IMG_2028.JPG IMG_3232.JPG IMG_3616.JPG IMG_3694.JPG IMG_4449.JPG amore.JPG antilop2016.jpg ars beuty.JPG bambi-cerada200x150.jpg cerada.jpg copy servis.JPG diamondentalstudio.jpg diamondentalstudio1.jpg diamondentalstudio2.jpg dormeo-kraljevo.jpg dsc_0062.jpg dsc_0065.jpg duga.JPG duo domani svetleca.JPG fotografija0159.jpg fotografija0261.jpg fotografija0288.jpg fotografija0292.jpg fotografija0294.jpg fotografija0371.jpg img_0006.jpg img_3556.jpg img_3568.jpg img_4822.jpg img_4825.jpg img_4831.jpg img_4833.jpg img_4836.jpg img_4838.jpg img_4840.jpg img_4848.jpg img_4887.jpg img_5413.jpg img_5427.jpg img_5429.jpg img_5434.jpg img_5437.jpg img_5446.jpg jadacshop.jpg joker_aerodrom.jpg kanego 01.jpg labomit.jpg maxbet.jpg olimpik-reklama-2x1m.jpg pink panter GM  .JPG pink panter gm .JPG ribarnica-ognjanovic.jpg rim-jelovnik.jpg rim-vinska-karta.jpg rotaract.jpg rsg zastava.jpg sasn-piero-cerada.jpg time_folije.jpg trgovine22.jpg





The conceptual design and pre-press for propaganda, car showroom or anything you need!

DISCOUNT for large orders




Printing, which definitely rules the world of advertisements. Options cover different materials, PVC, autofolija, mesh, perforated sheet, etc.. provide many opportunities for advertising.

Discount for big orders !

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